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Joe Mongelli's music draws on a broad, eclectic background of performance experience spanning 30 years. From small group jazz to swinging big bands, symphony orchestras to avante garde free jazz, Dixieland, funk and rock, Joe has played it all.

WashAshore CD Receives High Praise

The reviews are in and they are unanimous!  Critics love the WashAshore CD each for their own reason.  Here are some experts from a few: 


"Joe Mongelli, Arranging Greatness With The Cape Jazz Crew on WashAshore....."


Nikc Conghaile, Chalked Up Reviews


"Mongelli is a wonderful trumpet and flugelhorn player, but it does not stop there, his arranging skills are simply inspired and that is the reason WashAshore is so fun to listen to. We get to enjoy all the surprises because we know the source material so well! Great band, great playing and outstanding arrangements, Joe and the jazz crew deliver all three on this one record......."


Bea Willis, 5 Finger Review


"Mongelli and his crew are a melded match that sparkles as well as swings.  A delightful listen from start to finish.."

Jazz Sensibilities



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